Schlicht Nilshon Consulting
Babette Nilshon and Bernhard Schlicht GbR

Munich Office: 
Harthauserstrasse 71 a, 81545 Munich
Fon: (0049) (089) 64 94 31 94


Managing Directors: 
Babette Nilshon and Bernhard Schlicht

Value Added Tax Identification Number acc. to § 27a UStG:
DE 188 811 163

Responsable for Contents as defined by § 55 Abs. 2 RStV:
Bernhard Schlicht

Powering Developers:
Inostudio UG, Berlin,

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Everything an Organization says about itself…
…should be perfectly clear, comprehensive and mandatory. First and foremost: The organization's values. Then the quality of its products and services. And of course what the organization communicates, and how she does it. But then, on the other hand, nothing the organization does and says and how she does it should be written in stone – exept its values. And the imprint ;-).
The picture shows: Fragment of an ancient Egypt Stone with Egypt Signs and Symbols; to see the object shown and a further huge selection of finest Egyptian Art please visit Munich's fabulous brand new Egypt Museum.