Schlicht Nilshon Consulting
Our Fields of Expertise are the Key Fields (Key Issues) of Organizational Success.

Schlicht Nilshon Consulting is a Munich/Germany based business consultancy firm. Our clients are international enterprises and organizations as well as medium size companies with both national and international markets. 

Our core fields of expertise are the core fields of business success: • the competence to lead. • the competence to innovate and manage innovation. • the competence to strategize and to develop strategically, that is, to build strategies and to organize for it to happen. • the competence of strategic marketing. • the competence to learn and to develop people. • the competence to organize for change.

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to improve; to succeed; to develop; to change.

81% of international Organisations‘ Executives claim…
…that business success is a result not so much of right management but of good leadership. They even hold that without accomplished and proficient leadership a company is about to perish in the long run.
What the picture shows (or doesn't): Good leadership, 24/7? Sixth Anvenue (Avenue of the Americas) by night, New York City.