Coaching means – first of all – to help People grow:
Grow successful, grow effective, grow efficient, grow happy. To help People get what they want. Or to help them learn, what it is they (really) want.

Coaching is a highly effective method to improve on a person’s (the »coachee’s«) performance. The term »Performance«, however, does not necessarily be interpreted as »classical«, that is closely business related performance goals and achievements. Virtually any goal that can reasonably be desired can be summed up as »performance«.

So, »performance« can of course be seen as business success; as the fulfillment of concrete and »tangible« business related tasks and achievements. But it can also be seen as overcoming hurdles, diffculties, hindrances. As getting aware of what is going on. As finding options and solutions to a given problem or situation. As playing through alternative lines of action – thus getting »a feel« for it before getting down to really action.

Then, there is the huge realm of »inner success«, such as: Health. Such as: Happiness. Such as (and perhaps the most important questions of all): »Who am I?« and »who do I want to be?« »What is my true calling? And, closely related to that: all aspects of family living – close friends and not so close relationships of course included.

Then there are the various aspects of future growth and development: Shall I change my job or assignment? Shall I change my profession at large? Shall I bail out altogether? Or, also this happens: shall I »bail in« again? 

(Good) coaching is highly effective. Good coaching does – almost inevitably – lead to better performance and more success. It sparks – through thorough guidance – intensive thinking: on oneself, on the world one is a part of; on the world one wants to be a part of. On how we think, feel, act, and decide. It fosters – again guided – solution making. And »test-driving«: pre-living options of actions and behavior – before we really get into it.

This is only a small fraction of topics coaching may be about – and good for. The full picture is rich and colourful as life itself. Please learn more here about how we work and what we can do for you – to help you grow and develop and: be happy.

Three out of four Executives…
…state that coaching helps them immensely to reflect: on their way of thinking (and feeling); on their constructive and counterproductive patterns (again of thinking, but of course of action, too); on solutions and options for future action; on the best way to carry through; on their way to behave and communicate and socialize; on their goals and development and future and and and… Abbildung: Reflexion braucht Ruhe. Inspiration. Eine angenehme, entspannte Umgebung. Und einen kompetenten Reflexionspartner.
The picture shows: To think about important things (including oneself) needs ease, peace and privacy. And inspiration. An agreeable, comfortable setting, too. And an experienced partner for reflexion – a.k.a.: a good coach.