The Board

The Managing Directors.

Babette Nilshon and Bernhard Schlicht are the founders and managing directors of Schlicht Nilshon Consulting. They’ve been at the helm of the company ever since, that is, for 25 years. It is under their responsibility and leadership that the company developed into a top management consulting address: • for Organizations that want to improve on their Leadership Expertise, • for Executives who want to take advantage of the multiple benefits of Top Executive Coaching, • for businesses that want to reflect on their future Strategies to Success, • for Companies that want to build up or improve on their Systematic Innovation Capabilities, or want to think about Innovation in perfectly new and different ways, and • for all professionals who want to think anew about what it means to think entrepreneurial, • for all who want (or have to) organize systematically for what lies ahead, that is, who can sense the wind – and urgent need – of Change.

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Real’ easy, isn’t it?

As the late John XXIII. put it: "I've never seen a pessimistic person do work useful, fruitful, and meaningful to the world." There's nothing to be added.